English literature essay topic ideas

When it comes to choosing a theme for English literature, do not be afraid to go beyond the realm of William Shakespeare. English literature, in the broad sense, can mean any literature that is composed in any English dialect of the world, not just English literature. From the old English literature (starting around 450 AD) during the current day, there is a huge amount of work to be taken into account. It is not necessary to say that reducing the focus of your paper on a subject that can be carefully covered throughout the essay may be the first (perhaps the most) difficult task.

Below you will find a selection of topics for English literary courses suitable for the essay paper (and, yes, we even included it in William Shakespeare). These topics are mainly related to English literature in the UK, but you can customize the theme according to your specific needs for other types of English literature

Select the two creators that point to the Romantic period (1785-1830) and compare/compare the specific elements of their style

This period in English history was marked by repression and revolution, as well as by economic and social changes, and this literature often reflected this. You can discuss the work of the English authors, such as William Ballake, Robert Burns, Mary Wollstone, William Wordsworth, Sir Walter Coleridge, Samuel Coleridge, Charles Lamb, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley or John Keats. You can select two authors from similar genres, such as Gothic writers or authors, and discuss their contribution to this field. Essay was also a popular style of romantic period. You can select several similar essays and compare them.

Describe some of the general topics in the Victorian age (1830-1901) in English literature

Victorian (Victorian) was known as "Age of Expansion", and during that time there were significant changes, including social and economic wealth, as well as problems resulting from industrialization. You can discuss some of the authors who had a positive reaction, such as Thomas Babington's work. Or you could talk about how business negatively affects human happiness, the topic is usually settled in the work of Tennyson. The mixture of satisfaction and anxiety was a common element, and you may consider the work of writers such as Thomas Carlisle, Elizabeth Browning, Lord Tennyson, Edward Fitzgerald, Robert Browning, Emily Bronte, or Thomas Huxley. Other topics to be considered may be evolution or attitudes towards women

Illustration of how the authors at the end of the 19th century differed from those who before and after

The English writers of the last decade of the 1800s, known as "Late Victoria" or "the first of the models", were not like the Victorian century, and also the twentieth century. Some of them wrote in Art for Art, wrote for pleasure, not for contradictions. Others wrote with a message of love. Some of the authors who embody these types of the 1890s could be Oscar Wilde, Ernest Dawson, Frances Thompson, William Ernest Henley, and Rudyard Kipling.

Illustration of Blake's early poems was a retreat from traditional poetry

You should refer to Blake's first book of poetry

Compare Shakespeare's plays from a certain category with other plays within that category

While the series and moral norms remain popular, during this time the drama has evolved into more sophisticated forms of art. Different genres have begun to appear, especially varieties of comedy, such as romantic, domestic, city and classic intriguing comedy. The tragedy was also an important form of drama. Many of Shakespeare's plays were history playback, for example

Discuss part of poetry of the poetic revolution, known as "Moviist Movement" in the English literature, in the early 1920s

Clear and clear images and deeper emotions in poetry were characteristic of the Movement's poetry. Amy Lowell, Richard Aldington, H.D. Dooltittle, John Gled Fletcher and F.S. Flint was a revolution builder. What were the ways in which these poets achieved their goals in the presentation of hard and real poetry? You have to discuss the freer meter and avoid the words that were not actually promoted by poems. You can also discuss the English metaphorical poets, who have added a new difficulty to the movement with their spoken language

Compare and/or contrast several of the 20 fiction writers

This period was known as the '' Heroic Age '' in the novel and included the main authors, Joseph Conrad, James Joyce, D.H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, E. Forster and others. Novoists used their own sensitivity and values in their work. The stream write process, for example, in Joyce