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Most of the courses in the business administration area include an exercise

Global Business Policies

With the help of technology, globalization has accelerated the growth of most developing countries. Global business strategies influence many factors and must be strategically developed in several of these factors. Global business affects the policies, economies and living standards of the participating countries. It is certainly not easy to develop global business strategies that are successful and will help businesses grow. Laws relating to the conduct of business vary from country to nation, and the appropriate legislative provision of these laws is needed before the business strategy is developed. Organizations should also take into account the benefits and risks of moving forward on a specific business strategy. There are other options, such as mergers and acquisitions, that can be taken into account when developing a business strategy. You can explore giant companies that are present around the world and can write about the various business strategies they have developed to support competition and grow at the global level. You can also write about how some vendor management policies apply to successful global policies. You can also discuss your findings on how global strategies are developed taking into account cultural differences and different nationalities.

Business ethics often refer to corporate ethics as a measure that regulates the principles, policies and rules of business procedures. Business ethics reflects the basic philosophy or the main purpose of the business. Business ethics can also be seen as a moral ethics for good business. Today, business ethics has become very important for organizations in terms of trust between clients and customers who are directly involved in business. Some of these ethical standards of business are often directed by law, and on the other, some business or corporate ethical standards are implemented by the business owner as a good business practice and in order to gain confidence in their clients. You can examine the business ethic, followed by different enterprises, and discuss how these ethical guidelines directly influence the public or their client base. You can also discuss the importance of a predefined business ethics and how important it is for companies and its employees to strictly adhere to these ethical principles for business to grow. You can also write about how corporate enterprises today give priority and importance to the ethics of training for all new employees. The aspects of global business ethics can also be explored.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have changed the world of business over time. Mergers and acquisitions were initially a business strategy designed to bring together two or more companies to form a strong and larger business unit. There is a difference between a merger and a takeover; however, most of the time does not really matter. Syndication occurs when a company buys another company or at least acquires the ownership of another company. In the case of a merger, two companies are combined into one entity. Merges, acquisitions or acquisitions may have several reasons, but the aim is to maximize the profits of the enterprise and increase the value of the company’s shares. Laws and regulations for mergers and acquisitions may vary from country to nation, and therefore international mergers and acquisitions require more detailed information before forming a merger or acquisition strategy. Not every merger and acquisition was successful. You can explore and develop a case study of mergers and acquisitions such as Quaker Oat and Snapple Merger, American Online and Time Warner, etc. Or you can also discuss how business has grown in such successful mergers as Disney with Pixar, Exxon and Mobil, Hewlett Packard and Vertica, etc. You can also write about the advantages of having strong business ethics in maintaining the competitiveness of the modern day.

Social networking in enterprises

We have all witnessed a significant change in our days to life with breakthroughs in social networks and networks. Social networks have changed the way they do business. Although traditional advertising methods are still being observed, business now cannot ignore the power of social networks to connect to their customers. Many of the information can easily be accessed by millions of customers worldwide via social networking sites. Enterprise now uses social networking sites as the main platform to connect and interact with clients and employees. Large social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn also offer specialized services to help businesses increase their visibility on the Internet and thus benefit directly from it. Social networks have allowed people around the world to stay in touch with each other, and therefore enterprises also find it useful in the social network to spread the word, which is a low-cost advertisement. Thus, social networking sites operate more as a unique channel for businesses or organizations to help them improve service and client engagement. There are examples of large companies that have strong online presence, as well as discuss positive and negative aspects of the business, depending on social networks

Women in business

There has now been a significant increase in the number of women entrepreneurs as entrepreneurs. And most businesses run by women are an example of the very unique and innovative business strategies developed by them. Over the past few years, the number of women participating in entrepreneurial activities has increased in some developing countries, while in other developed and developing countries there has been a significant increase in the number of women. This change in various business fields not only empowers women in business, but also helps many other women to gain employment opportunities for women entrepreneurs. It was reported that businesses owned and developed by women make a great contribution to the world economy and bring a sense of discipline to the business world. You can examine the most influential women entrepreneurs and discuss how they have made a significant contribution to employment, the economic conditions of their country. You can use some real-life examples to present an analysis of the most powerful women in today’s business.

Here are some of the other dissertations that can be made by students and researchers:

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  • Corporate businesses and their impact on corruption in developing countries and developed countries
  • Coordination and guidance in international business groups
  • Innovative business strategies in new markets
  • Discard in trade union analysis-Analysis